Monday, March 5, 2012

Eps 9 : New Haul 2012

Like i told u in my profile..I totally love n love n love again..With ROSE..I love flowers,especially Rose..Yah,everything yang berbau Rose berbentuk Rose..99% g pasti suka..(Based on the colour juga tapii..)

G mau share beberapa Beauty Haul di awal2 2012 ini...( 5 items for Make Up ) Welcome to the Room,babiess !

1 . Dior Garden Clutch - Grandville Garden 
Limited Edition

Ehem...Pertama x yang bikin g langsung pengen antara lain karna warna-warnanya yang bagusss lucuuu soft...dan tentunya karna ada ROSE nya..(Kalau g pake trus,mawarnya pasti hilang..SO...ehem..what do u think? maybe i will try the eyeshadow,ONCE..only ONCE..LOLOLOL...i Will keep the rose there.. <3

3 beautiful eyeshadow,perfect for Smoky Look (and the roses..*gyagya*)<3 <3 <3 

With 2 Soft Pink Lipstic

2 . Victoria Secret
The Incredible Collection Limited-Edition Deluxe Eye Palette (BLUE)

3 . Victoria Secret
The Incredible Collection Limited-Edition Deluxe Eye Palette (Purple-Violet)

4 . Victoria Secret
The Incredible Collection Limited - Illuminating Face Powder

5 . The Art of Travel Make Up SHU UEMURA

Several Fashion Haul 
I love Nicky Minaj's Ring <3

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  1. I love roses too!!! (and all about vintage flowery things). Dior Garden Clutch-nya cantik banget ya. Lovely!

    1. yayy!! we are roses loverrr =D..imagine that vintage things with roseyy..soo adorable carrynn.. <3
      iyaa...<3 <3 ! thx u dearr..

  2. my eyes can't stop look ur new accessories haul.. really like it XD

    1. Hy sheilla..ayooo keep shopping yaa! aku dukung..ahahaha..thx sweetie for like ! xoxoxoxoxo...